Whether in a period of economic prosperity or uncertain and difficult times, businesses often face critical issues when their commercial partners or their own entities face a period of financial insolvency. When business disruptions occur, the importance of obtaining professional advice and sound representation in a bankruptcy setting becomes paramount. We have combined the experience of several of our attorneys to create this practice area within our firm to include lawyers who are seasoned commercial litigators and who have gained bankruptcy experience in a variety of settings. With an anticipated serious economic downturn ahead for our region and our nation as a whole, we have organized this practice group to represent businesses and entities who find themselves trying to navigate the insolvency of their own business or that of a crucial business partner, particularly in situations where litigation in the context of a bankruptcy may be necessary. This can include enforcing your contractual rights as a creditor in a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, enforcing leases and employment contracts, defending director & officer or lender liability claims, or negotiating or defending preference claims. If you find yourself facing insolvency-related issues, and need legal counsel, we are here for you.