Member Tom Owen presented a continuing legal education course, discussing the most important contract cases that Louisiana attorneys should know as part of the National Business Institute’s CLE Webcast on December 1, 2020. Mr. Owen’s presentation analyzed cases from Louisiana in the areas of contract interpretation and the evidence that may be used to interpret contracts, limitations on the general freedom to contract, and cases concerning available contract remedies. Particular attention was paid to cases construing contracts in the arbitration context.
On December 11, 2020, member Bryan Reuter and associate Kathryn Munson co-presented a continuing legal education course as part of the Louisiana Bankers Association’s Bank Counsel Conference. This annual conference focuses on topics of interest to both bankers and their legal counsel, and is attended by in-house bank counsel, private practitioners focusing on banking and commercial transaction and litigation, and bank officers. As part of the conference, Mr. Reuter and Ms. Munson discussed all aspects of the handling of a lawyer disciplinary complaint, including the steps that a lawyer must take to respond to a complaint, the ranges of discipline, and the procedures used in the complaint process.